The ViruSNORT Project

Welcome to ViruSNORT.

ViruSNORT is a Promiscuous Mode Virus Detector, developed by KasperskyLab Latin America and HyperSec Consulting (formerly known as G-CON Security), the main purpose of ViruSNORT is to detect and stop viruses malware, and potencial general malicious threads in promiscuous mode networks.

Now because of the technicall separation of KelsiSiler and G-CON Security Staff now named HyperSec Consulting, HyperSec Consulting Group is on charge of the project that is now a product for corporative users.

Formerly known as a opensource project, virusnort now became as a powerfull "spy" tool for networks, using opensource and licensed technology. ViruSNORT is now the only real dedicated licensed tool to detect in promiscuous mode virus infection.

ViruSNORT now in the current release, could detect REAL state problems such as rarely heuristic networking problems, with the help of other tools/projects and products could desinfect, reset and totally stop network infection, from the bones.

ViruSNORT is just more than a promisc virus detector, now have the functionality of making
networking vulnerability assesment with the help of CANVAS in one unique PACK.

ViruSNORT with the Common SNORT functionality could work as a IDPS/IDS/Network Sniffer/Password Auditor and Assesment Tool and so on, just in one BOX!!!!.

ViruSNORT now is distributed in 2 diferent ways:

      -You need to supply the computer that is going to hold all the infraestructure that the
product itself needs.

      -We supply the entire infraestructure with all the plugins and extra-development that you
need to fill your entire needs.

ViruSNORT in two ways are only distributed in Mexico, if you are outside mexico, you could
probably get only the SOFTWARE version restricted for your country, and digitally signed for

In the following months we expand our commercial frontiers, to supply ViruSNORT to every
country of the world.

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ViruSNORT Software

VSNORT 100 & 500


ViruSNORT Appliances

ViruSNORT 570-1000


ViruSNORT 1200-1500


ViruSNORT 2000


Movil Sensor Unit

ViruSNORT Mov 100


ViruSNORT is a Security Product of HyperSec Consulting Group (G-CON Security)
SNORT is a trademark of Brian Caswell and Marty Roesch of the SNORT team.
Acid, SnortCenter and the conection agents are property of his owners.




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